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how to remove gear box from main switch on 1939 buick century

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Hello everyone ,Im working on a 1939 buick century and i cannot pull out the gear box tube from the switch ,i allready took the 2 nuts from behind panel  and comes attached to the tube but there is a bolt im not sure if is one of those break away when torque is met. i just dont want to mess it up. Thanks

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Yes, it is a break away bolt that was used for security purposes. Perhaps one of the guys has some experience in getting it out without breaking it. Of course, if you do, it can be drilled out....but best not to have to. I think you may also need to turn the key to the "unlock" position to get the assembly off....BUT I'm not sure about that. It has been awhile since I had one apart.


I sent you a private message (the little envelope at the top right of the page). John

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Yep, the bolt in the ignition lock assembly is an antitheft device. It is designed to snap off when it's over torqued. The vast majority of the time you can simply unscrew it when the bolt head is still on the rest of the shank. You do need to have the ignition in the unlocked position to slide the ignition lock assembly off the steering column mast.




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