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For Sale: 1966 AMC MARLIN, Survivor! - $11,000 - Wyoming, MN - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1966 AMC MARLIN, Survivor! - $11,000 - Wyoming, MN 

1966 AMC MARLIN, Survivor! - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org)

1966 AMC MARLIN, I hate selling my baby, but I need the room in the garage.  Drive it as is or make it supreme. It's your turn at this classic hidden gem. Not many main streamers know what it is. " What is that? A Malibu!"  If you are looking you know. Very rare,  All original as far as I know. A true survivor, 287 V8 2bbl., 72914 Miles do not know if it is 100000.  Runs and drives good, $11,000.00 will drive it home to your place.

Contact:  Charlie  (651)-two-7-0-8-7-one-7
Copy and paste in your email:  8cbfd25ed6a73cd2b5b30da30049cc71@sale.craigslist.org

I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1966 AMC MARLIN.

'66 AMC MARLIN MN a.jpg

'66 AMC MARLIN MN b.jpg

'66 AMC MARLIN MN c.jpg

'66 AMC MARLIN MN d.jpg

'66 AMC MARLIN MN e.jpg

'66 AMC MARLIN MN f.jpg

'66 AMC MARLIN MN g.jpg

'66 AMC MARLIN MN h.jpg

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