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Spring Cleaning Sale - No Reasonable Offer Refused - 1964 1st generation part-out


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Time to move out these 1964 Riv parts to people who can use them.  Make a reasonable offer.  Actual UPS shipping costs will be added on.  If you don't see what you need, let me know as it may be on a shelf some where if I have't sold it.

In addition to to what you see below, I still have:

Front brake drums

Rear springs

Rear control arms

Interior door panels (front and rear)

Drive shaft(s)

Solid frame


Headlight bezels


Shoot me a PM with an offer on anything that you can use.




Those dust caps and castle nuts are exquisite as I glass beaded them in the blast cabinet.  :)




Exhaust manifold still has the air tube attached.







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58 minutes ago, RivNut said:


I’m interested in the wiper switch.  $15 + the ride? Are the taillight housings pit free? Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks, Ed 




$15 sounds good.  I'll contact you after i get the shipping costs.

The tail lights have pitting on them



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1 hour ago, 48Super said:

I'd be interested in the battery ground cable if it is in good condition.

Got your PM.  I'll dig into those items today and get back to you.



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Hi all,


I have purchased the remainder of RivCat's supply of Riviera parts. If you need anything shoot me a PM with your needs and I will see if I have it. As RivCat said, reasonable offer plus shipping. The transmission was not pictured and is still available. Also, RivCat still has the 3.07 posi rear end and is looking to sell it. Contact him if you are interested in that. Thanks.



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