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34 Buick model 40 remachined engine, all New/NOS parts, also trans and bell

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I am in eastern CT, and it will be impossible to crate and ship, as the engine was never assembled decades ago.  Estate said it was for a 34 Model 40 coupe that the late owner decided to make a street rod instead.


Here is an incomplete list of what I know is definitely here:


-block boiled/cleaned, cylinders rebored, new cam bearings installed.

-New oversize higher quality pistons already attached to rebabbited rods

-NORS oversize main bearing set

-reground crankshaft

-reground cam

-rebuilt head with valves installed

-valve rocker shaft ass'y

-NORS timing chain

-NORS gasket set

-NORS or NOS pushrods, 2 complete sets of different style

-used carburetor, starter, and I believe the generator, too.

-bell housing, flywheel, pressure plate

-used transmission

-intake manifold, oil pan, valve cover, and spark plug cover

-exhaust manifold was missing, so I bought a mint unpitted one from out west on ebay.


>There must be assembly bolts missing, maybe many

>There is no air cleaner.


I can take pics of the block and head, but all the rest of the engine parts are stacked on a rolling cart, and would be a chore to drag it all out for pics.....unless you are dead serious on coming here to buy it all.


I can get block numbers to have you verify what it is, as I only know what the estate told me.


All of the machine work and parts purchasing was done a few decades ago, so there is some surface rust on some of the parts, but all appear to be usable with proper cleaning...  But, it's dirt cheap at $600 for everything I have for it.  I cannot part it out, as it would be far too much labor/time to pack and ship things, sorry about that.


Located in Mansfield CT 06250


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FYI, it should be a 233 cu in, rebabbited rods and main bearings(also Babbit)if not already, would have to be cut/line bored to match crankshaft, also every main journal(all 5) are a different diameter.

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