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WTB - 1928/29/30 Buick: Delco Remy 640 Distributor + Generator

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Hi everyone,


I have a 1926 Buick (model: 26/40) that has the distributor frozen solid to the generator. Seems to be a common problem because the original distributor is pot metal. I am now looking for a Delco Remy 640 distributor from a 28/29/30 Buick (series 40) that is supposed to be a drop in replacements made out of STEEL. 


All Delco 640x distributors will work. The x could be an A thru Z.


I am also looking for the 28/29/30 Delco generator that I can rebuild while at it ....


Any lead or help is highly appreciated !!!





PS: Attached is an excellent article by Hugh Leidlein describing the problem in the AACA forum

Delco 640 steel.jpg

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