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1927 Buick and Chevrolet picked up

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As some know I was going to pick up these two cars last Thursday, which I did. I cleaned them up and wanted to show what we have. Still do not know what to do with them I still have the 51 and 53 Studebaker to finish. 


1927 Buick, Model 20 , Standard 6



1927 Chevrolet Model AA Capitol


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Lace up them runnin’ shoes and go see your neighbor. In about ten years you will be as old as I am now. If you didn’t have other projects, and were 15-20 years younger ...................   Tired, old , sick and sore,   Cadillac Carl

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The chevy appears pretty correct and almost complete. Nice first antique car for a guy on a budget. The 27’s drive better than a model T but are similar stopping. Good 35-45 mph drivers. Overhead valvetrain must be oiled every run by hand. Other than that, fun little car. I loved my 27’ beater I had.

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