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My friend Eleanor just turned 100, and her 1958 Chrysler Crown Imperial

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1 hour ago, c49er said:

It would be worth it to see the car just to meet Eleanor!

Do it!

Yes, yes, yes !  And I will be back with individual responses. I am also in arrears with some of you wonderful people who deserve return personal thanks from us. Thanks for your patience. I have trailers to jockey this weekend.    -    Carl 

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1 hour ago, Buffalowed Bill said:



Any update, is the car sold? I'd love to take a look at the car, but I'm afraid that it would be a waste everyone's except maybe me and Mary. Just curious is the car in Ballard?

Hi B’ Bill, 

the car is garaged on the North side of Shelby st. on the N.E. edge of Capital Hill, looking across Portage bay and UW. I have been overwhelmed with endless unexpected serious problems, and MUST go see the car soon. Maybe the most efficient, least intrusive logistics would be for you, Mary and I , to go up on the hill together ? We could drive it, poke it , put it up, and determine at a glance whether the car has A/C.


An ominous note for beleaguered Seattle citizens who have to suffer our 9-5 bright boys : HERE THEY COME AGAIN !!!!! I am the one who put an end to the “Use it or lose it” law in our “Fair (!!!!?)” city. You know the law which used to demand that you drive your car every day. If not driven every 24 hours, your car was subject to fines and impoundment. I even had my ‘71 Eldo conv. confiscated while the engine was warm from being driven and parked several hours earlier. This was years ago when the impound lot was on the North side of Lake Union, near Dunn Lumber. It was not always locked, and poorly guarded. I can not commit to eternal preservation in print the mechanics of the “liberation caper” by which I re-took possession of my stolen property. (It was over 40 years ago, VERY risky, probably the dumbest thing I have ever done). With blind rage, a swig of whiskey, and “canine 🤫” assistance, I retrieved my car in a high speed escape while snagging a spare Eldo wheel I almost tripped over in the yard. Oh NO ! You couldn’t pull off what I did these days. You would be shot and killed.


Well the bright boys extended the period in which you had to go for a drive whether you had anywhere to go or not , to 72 hours. My contention is that whether it is a day or a week or month, if you have a licensed, insured vehicle parked in front of your house, it is no business whatsoever of some private/public cabal of car thieves, how often you need to take to the road. I brought that practice to an abrupt end back when the boys were telling us to cover in place, and don’t go out, while at the same time telling us to go driving around every three days, or spend hundreds of dollars in fines, impound and storage fees, not to mention a whole bunch of time to run around with someone else to actually free your car from bondage. YES ! I AM THE ONE WHO PUT A HALT TO THAT CRAP MONTHS AGO ! Through the city council, her honor being copied, I beat a little logic into realms where very little of that resides. They were finally  off our tormented butts ! I have just been advised that somehow they have re-imposed the onerous “use it or lose it” law. I have to spend a whole bunch of my time now to “get the gummin off the backs of the people” again. I really don’t have time for it, I might need the help of the sheep, oops I mean the people, to once and for all stop these bullying thugs....................


Oh boy : this is getting into the too long to lose danger zone . I will post now, but Bill, might there be a convenient time for us to go up the hill together for an Imperial examination ?     -      C’ Carl



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And here I thought the Commonwealth of Vajenya had a lock on municipal government stupidity!😺


Seems there's something about working in any level of guvmink that flips the common sense switch off.

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At least they can't enter a locked garage...yet.

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6 minutes ago, C Carl said:

With a spell of magnificent weather upon us, I am going to fire up the 1924 Cadillac and go visit Eleanor and her car soon. In further conversation with Eleanor, it seems the rust is more serious than it appears. I can’t know for sure until I check it out. Bill and Mary would like to join us, so we will have another experienced set of eyes on hand.    TBC,   -   CC


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