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1933 Packard Roadster FS $165,000 - Not Mine

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Saw this at the Daytona Turkey Run on Saturday, 27 March.


The car was still there today, Sunday.  Owner wasn't there, but a friend of his was watching it for him.  He said the owner/car resides in Edgewater, FL.  He said the car was in Palm Beach for a few years prior to the present owner buying it.  

1933 Packard Right Front.jpg

1933 Packard Left Side.jpg

1933 Packard Sale.jpg

1933 Packard Dashboard.jpg







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I think he is a little optimistic, but that is not a crazy price.  Maybe closer to 135-140.   There is a HUGE difference between a standard eight and a super eight and you cannot confuse the two.


For a point of reference check out this 34 super eight convertible sedan that Tom Laferriere just listed at 129,500.   From my experience with Tom, he lists is cars at the prices he think they will sell at and he usually not off by much.



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1932-1934 open Packards still demand good money. As far as a 33 V-12 in the 100’s..........dream on. The 1934 Tom has for sale is a nice car owned by a friend for thirty years. It’s probably the only 1934 Packard you can buy and drive cross country without thinking about it. I have toured with it all over the northeast. It has never failed.........but I did change a flat tire on it in September of 1989 in Gloucester Massachuetts. Hard to believe that I was twenty three when I changed the tire.......and am 55 today. Lots of miles, and lots of friends..........it’s a great hobby. It’s literally the first Packard I ever worked on.

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