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Ford TT Wheels


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First, Model T Ford truck ( later production) did use 20" rims but on the rear only. Fronts were the same as the cars at 21". This rear does seem to be Model TT truck wheel and 2 lugs but the rim is not a Firestone with ring.

Second, the front hub is not Ford. I suspect it is Chevrolet. This hub goes straight back from the hubcap treads where Fords have a neck down diameter between the threads and the hub flange.

Third, the front wheel and rim on the rear are split and seem to be probably the same make. I suggest these are a depression era conversion to some wheels from the wrecking yard to get the Model T to take 20" tires all around. 20s were much cheaper and lasted so much longer!

My guess is that these are Jaxon from a model RX Chevrolet truck 1925-1927 or 1928 Chevrolet truck Models LO and LI. This is reinforced by the fact that Chevrolet front hubs go right on to Model T Ford spindles.

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