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How/Where to sell my '90 Coupe?


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My current, temporary financial situation has caused me to think about selling my 1990 White/Blue Coupe. 81K miles, all original, in very good condition. Oil routinely changed every 3K miles since new. I'm the second owner, have had it since 33K miles and it spent the first 11 years in Hawaii, covered in a car port.

Top of the line 80K Michelin's, put on at 33K, and still good tread left. Brake lines have been bleed every year since I've had it, and recently the accumulator and master brake switch has been replaced. Covered with seat covers, just recently removed.

Nit picks include:

The bottom of the oil pan used to be bone dry - only in the last 2-3K miles is the oil pan becoming moistened with oil. I jacked it up and verified that the oil pan gasket (?) may be leaking, but didn't want to mess with it.

Passenger's side door "door ajar" switch is broken.

Not sure what blue book is - and this will certainly be topical and heated, would someone care to offer a fair and equitable price?

Again, I'm really not sure how this all works... if someone could let me know if they really want the car, or, how or where to advertise it.

I'm not interested in making any money off this vehicle. Fair is fair - I just don't drive it and could use the extra cash.


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I have recently come to the conclusion that the "book value" has very little to do with selling a car. The only thing that matters is what someone is willing to pay you for it. I tried all summer with no success to sell my 75 Eldorado convertible which is an exceptionally nice low mileage car. A friend of mine called yesterday and had bought an old car price guide. When he looked up my Cadillac we found that my asking price was more than $5,000 below what it was worth according to "the book" and I "still" own the car. Bottom line, it makes no difference what the book says. It all has to do with having it priced attractively enough that someone who has the ability to buy your car will decide that it is worth the personal bother to them to do it. For instance, your car is worth less to me because I would have to go to the personal "bother" of driving from Indiana to Florida to get it. Your car will have a different "worth" to each individual. That is why there is ultimately one buyer at an auction. Furthermore, it makes no difference what people think is "fair and equitable" if they are not able or willing to get their wallet out. Fair and equitable is achieved when you are willing to accept what a potential buyer is willing to pay. Just my 1 cent worth.

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I suggest you take a 10-15 video of the car showing every good and bad thing. You can put a lot of pictures on a video and they are inexpensive to mail. Of the 5 Reattas I have owned and sold 4 went out of state and I believe the video convinced the buyer to fly in and drive the cars home.

We had a long discussion here about prices and condition is a huge % of the price. Show the buyers the condition and the car will sell itself.

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Guest tempest68

Besides posting it here on this forum, I would suggest Hemmings Motor News and/or Auto-Locator. These publications target more of the automotive enthusiast than listing in the local newspaper. One other option that seems popular in my area is to have a local used car dealer put in on their lot selling it on consignment for you (I've seen two Reattas being sold this way in the last year here).

I'm just frustrated that I dont have any cash right now, or I would make you an offer. Anyways, good luck with the sale and I hope your car finds a good home.

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I had good luck last spring using a picture add on autotrader

online.The cost for the add was not bad.I beleive they have a

run it till it sells deal, for about $35.

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