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Interesting article on the 1941-'42 Chrysler Navajo and Thunderbird interior trim option,

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The excellent article linked in this tread takes for a fact that Highlander was a series on its own back in 1940. This is a claim also made by several other sources. However, I can find nothing supporting there was a separate Highlander series in neither sales literature nor in the 1940 Parts List.  Both my previous NewYorker Coupe with cloth interior and my NewYorker with Highlander Trim were part of the same VIN run as stated for all NewYorkers. Refer also the dealer issued service policy for the NewYorker with Highlander trim, clearly stating it was a New Yorker when sold new on March 16, 1940. Proud owner was Edwin F Miles who kept the car as his main means of transportation for 25+ years.


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