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30's Studebaker Parts that need a new home!

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I had purchased a bunch of Hupmobile parts as part of a final sale on a Hupmobile. Along with those parts were many Studebaker parts from what I believe is a 30' s Studebaker. If someone has knowledge and interest please contact me and possibly we can can get these parts a new home. I have an excellent radiator and lamp parts and other misc parts. Bill 609 865-0638

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Dear Bill


I have a studebaker rockne 1932 and i stil Need some parts

Hope you van make me happy

I'm looking for a windshield with swingarms

Two headlights complete

Airfilter for the carburateur

One bolt for the head of the engine

One door handel and one for Turing the window up and down

One fuel/Heat meter for the dashboard

Thanks and enjoy

Herman de boer

The Netherlands

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