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Reatta community lost another member

Barney Eaton

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I was just informed by Roberta Vasilow that Bob Neumann one of the founding Reatta Div "three musketeers"

recently passed.   Bob was not active on this site but without him and others there might not be a BCA Reatta Div. 

I am not home where I can access actual facts but Bob was one of the early Division Directors.   He attended many national meets and was always a smiling face followed by a pat on the back.   Bob will be missed by many of old timers, thanks Bob for all you did to help preserve Reatta history.   RIP




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It was always story time with Bob  He told me 2008 in Flint that this was his town  My wife and I spent time at an ice cream store a couple of times. He was one of a kind and will be missed by all who was lucky enough to have known him. I remember the TV News spot he did on the Reatta cruse in Flint in 2008  Thanks Bob  Rest in peace




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