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1931 Ford Model A Deluxe Coupe

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When I was 12 years old, I decided I wanted a Model A as my first car. If I had my way, it would have been a coupe just like this, right down to the Ford Maroon paint job, my favorite choice. I'm pleased that Model As remain popular, as every one we get our hands on sells in a matter of weeks and I don't really expect this one to hang around too long, either. It's a very nicely done older restoration that has been a reliable tour car for the past several years and has been upgraded accordingly (turn signals and seat belts being the major items). The car is quite correctly done and still in fantastic shape--I don't think it has seen rain since the restoration was finished in 2006 or so. The paint shines up nicely and isn't so perfect that you're afraid to take it out, all the chrome and stainless trim has been polished, and a correct Vermilion pinstripe matches the wheels. As a Deluxe model, it includes cowl lights and dual taillights, along with an upgraded interior. Accessories include the radiator guard, quail hood ornament with built-in thermometer, step plates, and a tire cover out back.


The mohair interior is also nicely done, showing some very minor signs of use but still quite attractive. Patterns and materials are authentic and there's a beautifully fitted headliner overhead. Aside from the aforementioned seat belts and turn signals, it remains familiar Model A hardware, with the late '31 instrument panel with a round speedometer. The numbers are kind of wonky but it comes with an actual miles title, suggesting that the 68,000 miles showing are a correct reading (is it? I don't know). A battery shut-off is discreetly tucked under the seat wehre it's easy to reach and the rumble seat is correctly upholstered in brown leatherette.


The A's familiar 200 cubic inch inline-4 is one of my favorite engines--under-promise, over-deliver. There's plenty of torque and it feels zippy under all circumstances, making it a great hobby car for zipping around town. Again, this one is quite correct with the only notable modifications being a fuse on the electrical system (that's just smart) and a 4-blade fan to help keep things cool. The engine was rebuilt and has an estimated 7000 miles on it since then, and all the little stuff is right, from the Zenith carb with Air-Maze flame arrestor to the flat copper strips powering the spark plugs. It kicks over easily with a little choke and idles nicely. On the road, it pulls well and cruises happily at 40-45 MPH--none of this should be news to any of you. Clutch action is light, the transmission shifts nicely with a quick double-clutch, and the brakes are adjusted properly so it stops true. Last summer, a brand new set of $1600 Houdaille shocks was installed, and they're visible on the frame rails. You can see that it has never spent time in the rain just by how clean it is underneath and the restoration still shows rather well. Bright red wheels are the right choice and carry a set of 19-inch whitewalls that I might consider replacing if I was going to do serious touring--I think this car would look dynamite with blackwalls!


Extras include manuals, booklets, spare parts, and a few other goodies.


It was 39 years ago that I first decided I wanted a Model A and that hasn't really abated. I'm just glad I get to enjoy good ones now and then to satisfy my Model A jones. This one is quite reasonably priced at $22,900 and is ready for tours this summer. Thanks for looking!


001.thumb.JPG.500bb54cba7643af10e976346fded310.JPG  002.thumb.JPG.acbd9fc0289f27d4e1869cfa2115b0ac.JPG  004.thumb.JPG.b38a5a522871c860b0098f3b8c3e5134.JPG  005.thumb.JPG.0f6a191fb21e6c8790869828543e2813.JPG


008.thumb.JPG.e5c9724671de22b28d4ba4f0679cbc6c.JPG  015.thumb.JPG.1dc146c6a38c34ae22fa6a4b766df59d.JPG  032.thumb.JPG.22ab7fbed3b8b3781252437708d55e02.JPG  035.thumb.JPG.42942bbf0f712ee14d84446dab87192a.JPG


039.thumb.JPG.7134aced8482c3ef31743291ffd6587f.JPG  041.thumb.JPG.ecd78fbba37b00a13e2e167050f0eb6f.JPG  043.thumb.JPG.760891fe274087d81026c9b51febbde0.JPG  045.thumb.JPG.9aa06c9006412271056031ede373fce6.JPG


056.thumb.JPG.29c981eb96349becb7ca65de0b3b22f1.JPG  057.thumb.JPG.ba63b0129ea5788a334dc73cc48f7877.JPG  064.thumb.JPG.291d63818eb4d02741e3eb156b1e77d9.JPG  067.thumb.JPG.3df14091f043dd604fc67f97872a2e0e.JPG


073.thumb.jpg.a2202150211b1976ef17ab8e616d9ab3.jpg  081.thumb.jpg.740556d059a1311faa598cff8c69427d.jpg  083.thumb.jpg.73db54fcfe7552b52973014dd26ef037.jpg  084.thumb.JPG.5ec1ab65c7cab1a8319d5efc8f717f66.JPG


086.thumb.JPG.671b503eae0bbadb260515181b6bd1dc.JPG  087.thumb.JPG.870967f02ffa5f48683fc5a4eae3b220.JPG

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