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Top bow holders to Franklin 9B Touring/1920


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You posted this request in another section on this forum. Someone suggested that you should get photos of the actual top bow holders, since the factory drawings are pretty vague.


Here are some photos from my 1921 9B.




Some more photos. Was limited to 9.77 MB per posting.





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FR9B hasn't said thank you yet but I will as I was the one who suggested that he get some photos to have a much better idea of what he needs! You have taken the time and made the effort to do this and I THANK YOU FOR DOING SO. 


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Thank you very much! You are very helpful to me, as I have only been a 9B owner for 6 months..
I'm sorry for the bad English, I'm using Google help.Please forgive me if there is anything wrong!
I have a lot of unknowns about my car, but I don't have any contacts in the US.
I would like to meet new friends for the Franklin 9B T / 1920-1921 to share experiences.
Sincere thanks for the response !!!
Sincerely, Francis, Latvia.




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Walt G,

Thanks for your comments. I have received so much help from the Franklin community on my '21 9B touring and '29 135 sedan that "paying it forward" is the least I can do.  


Franklin people are a special breed. They have a lot of knowledge and are willing to share with others. 



Post as many questions as you need in this forum. We're always glad to help. 

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