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1937 Buick Special: Attaching Headliner Bows

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For my restoration, I have the bows, but (1) need the order that they go in. Does anyone know the lengths and order of these?  (2) I do not know how the ends of the bows are attached. Can someone describe how they are attached or show in a short video?  Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 

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I don't have a video, and I don't know the exact lengths of each bow but if you want to see how I installed the headliner in my 1938 Model 61, you will find it starting on page 20 of my restoration story. I think the photos and description should be helpful to you. Gary Wheeler also has a 1937 restoration story that will be helpful for you to review. He is likely to chime in with a link to his restoration. 



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When I removed the listing wires from the original headliner, I used a Dremel and made small hash marks at the end of each wire to be sure they went back in the same position.  

The 1937 Fisher Body Service Manual states " The paper wrapped piano wires running through the headlining listings are of different lengths.  If removed for any reason see that each one is replaced in its proper position."


If you have all seven just loose, you may have to fit each one at a time by trial and error to get the best fit in each position.  Then label them.


As far as attachment to the car:

Listing wires Nos. 1, 2 and 3 (from the front) are clinched to the roof bows

Listing wires Nos. 4, 5, 6, & 7 are clinched to the rear headlining supports and the ends of each wire are inserted in holes in the top of the rear quarter trim stick support.


Here is page 59 from the Fisher Body Service Manual.  The lower left column is all the information I could find regarding the headliner and the listing wires, but it does make sense once you get in the car and start the installation.




Here is the link to my headliner installation:  (Just touch the arrow in the upper right corner)




I hope it helps.  I have tons of photos, please let me know if you need more.




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