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Help ID Pair of Headlights


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Each headlight is 11 inches diameter, 6 1/2 inches deep, mounts on forks that are 9 1/4 inches apart OC. The rim is held on to the bucket with 2 pins. The reflector has holes for 2 bulbs. On the lens:  'Brown  Stabilite  Head Lamp  Fixed Focus  The John W. Brown MFG Co  Columbus OHIO  USA' also 'Designed for Mazda No. 1110  I.G.C.  Pat Applied for.  A-12  Made in USA  8  11/16 x 9  7/16  444  CB  1721'. Thanks.




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Strictly a guess,

but based on the mounting brackets-

Could these be an aftermarket electrified item, designed to retrofit to a Brass-Era vehicle, where forks held a carbide (or Presto-Lite) lamp ?


Obviously, the center hole is for a headlight bulb, 

and the hole closer to the rim would be for a parking light bulb.

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I searched Google Images for all combinations of the years and makes that the lens fit and could not find anything close. I found this picture, I think it is a Daniels Submarine Speedster or Roadster from the early 1920s. The headlights look like a possible match, with different lenses of course. What do you think?


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