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Set up day at Sugarloaf Mountain Region Parts Meet

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Today was set up day. Inside the Ag Center Arena, it looks like a near sell out. A few outdoor vendors were also getting ready. Weather looks great. Grab your mask and join us in Westminster, MD. Friday and Saturday. The Region has coordinated Covid safeguards with the local health department- who are monitoring the event. Enjoy a little slice of the new Normal. 





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The swap meet was a big success. Crowds on Friday were bigger than Saturday-a real testimonial to our demographic. The number of outdoor vendors was larger than any other year since the move from Frederick. On the Covid side, almost everyone was wearing a mask inside, although some still have an issue getting that thing over their nose. Congratulations to the Sugarloaf Mountain Region for having the courage to move forward; and for putting in the hard work to make an event a success. Check it out next year- it should be even better w/o a mask! Here my haul; and I spent all my time in my own space, I found these parts from an outdoor vendor who was loading up as I left the arena.


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Thanks for pulling that swap meet off. We went Saturday (some of us do have to work 😉). Boy, did I ever need that. Great time, wide variety of vendors, and I still managed to buy more stuff than I intended to (though mainly tools). Beautiful day, great time.

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