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63 401 Coil recommendation?


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Getting ready to do a full tune on on my 63, including replacing he coil.  I assume it would an external resistor type, as its fed by a resistor wire.   I also want to replace the condenser that is attached to it.  


What recommendations would you offer?  Any specific brand or type people have found to be better?





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    IF you can try an find an NOS Delco coil.  It used to be that NAPA had the "GOOD" coils some years ago, but unfortunately that is no longer true.  It's ALL garbage now by ANYONE. Why do you want to replace your coil???  Do you feel it may be giving you problems???  You'll probably have more problems after you replace it. IF it's operating OK & it's the original coil myself I would leave it alone. Just carry a spare just in case. Same goes for the condenser on the coil as you well know it's to help supress static in the radio.  IF you have a newer style radio OR it was sent out for modernizasion it's not needed any longer. Same goes for the condenser on the voltage regulator. IF it's one of the electronic regulators that condenser is not needed any longer.

   The NAPA coil is RC-12.  The good points are CS-786.  The Good distributor cap is RR-175. The Good rotor is RR-1670.  The condenser is a crap shoot also even from NAPA, so get two & leave one in the glove box. Don't forget to lube the rubbing block.


Tom T.

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