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Teen's Rim-Wind, Rim-Set Dash Clock from the Keyless Auto Clock Co.


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This is an 8-day Rim-Wind, Rim-Set Dash Clock. Made by the Keyless Auto Clock Co., New York City. Numerous patent dates on the case, beginning in 1907 and ending in 1915. The face, hands, and glass are in good condition. The dash-mounting flange is straight.


This clock's time can be set by pulling the rim out and turning it. This function is completely operable. The clock rim doesn't easily turned, when in the "wind" function, and I don't want to force it. So, I'm selling this 100-year-old clock "as-is".


The price is $65, plus the shipping.

088 (850x815).jpg

093 (850x818).jpg

098 (850x807).jpg

101 (762x850).jpg

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