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Hungarian Military Parade

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This picture was probably taken in the late 50s... It's an illustration in a book I'm editing and I was thinking it would be nice to say what the cars are in the caption...I'm pretty certain they are American ... but I confess I know practically nothing about cars after 1930..



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The ZIS 110 was (apparently, obviously?) a copy of the 1942 Packard. According to Wikipedia it was manufactured until 1958, so the photo could well have been made in the late 1950's or even later.



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Yes this photo was made in front of the so called "parade grandstand"in Budapest Varosliget. The huge bronze Stalin statue stands the top of it till 1956 october when the revolution knocked it down. They cut the legs with flame cutter and tow with truck till it collapsed.(the statue inside reinforced with railway rail) Then only stalins boots are on the grandstand, the public language call it boot's square :) 



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Thanks for this piece of information. I added it to the caption of the photo - which is much larger. For this forum I just cropped around the cars but it's a photo of the entire parade lined up to be reviewed.

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