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For Sale: 1952 Chrysler Saratoga Coupe Hemi V8 - "early 50’s Gentleman’s Hot Rod" - Auburn, WA - Not Mine

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For sale on Craigslist: 1952 Chrysler Saratoga 2-door Coupe in Auburn, WA  -  $19,950  -  Call Larry:  206 795 07 nine seven


Link: https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/cto/d/pacific-1952-chrysler-saratoga-hemi-v8/7296326192.html


Seller's Description:

1952 Chrysler Saratoga 2-door Coupe

  • condition: like new
  • cylinders: 8 cylinders
  • transmission: automatic
  • odometer: 72,000
  • paint color: brown
  • title status: clean

1952 Chrysler Saratoga 2dr Coupe, with first generation Hemispherical V8. 331 cu in motor has 180hp with semi-Torque Thrust transmission. This metallic brown Saratoga (4000lbs) was probably the lightest 2dr Chrysler to receive the hemi. As such, the car's powerful and comfortable, maybe a first US Production Auto with 3 digit top speed. (speedo goes to 120mph) The detailing, sun visor, upholstery, chrome all speak of meticulous care and restorative work. Its history includes 2 female owners litigating for its ownership! A cherished Washington car. Absolutely very very rare early 50’s Gentleman’s Hot Rod. Its a head turner. Helping my Brother market the car. Serious calls only, thanks, Larry












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  • 6T-FinSeeker changed the title to For Sale: 1952 Chrysler Saratoga Coupe Hemi V8 - "early 50’s Gentleman’s Hot Rod" - Auburn, WA - Not Mine

Interior looks presentable and comfortable, but not correct.  The description of this car makes me think about what the loyal Chrysler buyers of that era (conservative bankers, lawyers, doctors, etc.) thought when they first took the wheel of their new hemi-equipped models from their previous flathead straight eights.  They must have had quite a shock when they hit the gas pedal!

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I always say the same thing when a decent late 40s early 50s mopar comes up for sale.   Boy I wish I had that instead of my 49 Special Deluxe in HS.


Color doesn't bother me but somebody on here says that brown is a sales proof color.

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There's just too much brown there for me. I don't have a problem with the exterior color but I don't care at all for the interior or steering wheel. IMO $20K is  optimistic for this automobile but then again it says it's a cherished Washington car, whatever that is. 

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I’m thinking that the dashboard cover is supposed to be a slick faux-leather type material.  This one looks to have been covered with the same material as the seats.  

I like the car itself, but I’m not wild about the upholstery.

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