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This is my first Buidk.  It is pretty much all original with 81K miles.  Even at 82 and after having owned about 90 vehicles, I was excited to find it as I have been looking for this model since I sold my 1938 Chevy before moving south in 2019.  The back seat looks as though no one has ever been back there.  Except for the small amount of visible paint on the front bumper, the chrome is excellent - no pits.  Best of all, it does not drip any oil on the garage floor!  I have lots of questions and you will see them in this forum as I get to them.  Thanks for all the help you have given me re the turn signal bulbs, and to the person who told me how to get my photo on here.    Stuart

1941 Buick Special  (I believe a 44S)


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