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Seeking opinions on these two signs.

The 42" Texaco is single sided and an actual "barn find". It was left behind in a barn on a farm my dad bought in 1960 so I'm certain it's the real deal. The 12" pipeline sign I found in the woods in Clinton Co., PA.

Neither is for sale at the moment but probably will be at some point.

I'm thinking you guys would have the best idea of what the signs would fetch. There are a couple of Texaco signs on Ebay with asking prices in the nose bleed area. I'm guessing wishful thinking. I talked today to a local auctioneer and he thought the Texaco would bring $500+. I'm thinking he's a bit light.

I'm also wondering if I should polish the Texaco sign or leave it as is with it's "patina" (I HATE that word).

You can also PM me.

Thanks for any thoughts.........Bob




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Bob, if the Texaco sign were mine I would clean it with Simple Green and a plastic wool pad ( medium, not to harsh in texture) then use some white rubbing compound on it , again with a plastic wool pad perhaps a lighter level not course as the one you used to clean with the Simple Green. you can wash the pad out with water to remove any of the grime you get loose. Once polished with the compound you can wax if you want. I did this with a Tydol sign of the same size and it worked well, no scratches to the porcelain finish.


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Your Texaco sign is well known and always is a good seller-but, there are a lot of them around.  Enough that collectors can be fussy about condition. If someone is just looking for garage decoration and not concerned about collecting for any potential investment value, then the value quoted is probably close in a smaller, less-well promoted auction, heavier on the + side of the $500 of course.   Private sale, something around a grand would be a good price. I've seen mint condition signs go for much more than that in big auctions but it'll cost you you to sell it that way.  Evil-bay isn't reliable for values as it's littered with fakes and idiots who think they'll get rich quick off something dug up in the outhouse pit.  Clean it like Walt said and enjoy it.  Let someone else worry about it after you're gone.  

The other sign-super rare and worth a million bucks (Just kidding).  It's toast.  Just nail it up and enjoy it. 


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Thanks, Terry. I needed a valid frame of reference before I decide to sell.  I'll ask around locally and see if anyone is interested. As to the pipeline sign I actually very much like it. We found it in the woods nailed to a post. There was a pretty big rattle snake curled up next to the post. So between the bullet holes and the rattle snake the sign has a story to tell.........Bob

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1 hour ago, Bhigdog said:

So between the bullet holes and the rattle snake the sign has a story to tell.........Bob

The most favorite items in a collection have a story, and I personally find that story is worth much more than the $$$


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