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Has anyone looked at this TC for sale on ebay, seller won't tell me much.

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1991 Chrysler TC Maserati | eBay

Seller doesn't exactly say much about this particular car, (white/ginger in Agoura Hills, CA) just about TC in general. He may just be hesitant judging by his ebay feedback as a seller and is probably a dealer or flipper and I seem to have rubbed him the wrong way by the way I asked questions. I can't go see the car myself but it is the combo I am looking for so don't want to give up completely but the feedback and auto check report are a little unnerving (many failed smog checks and no miles for quite a few  years) and make me think the car needs too much to get it back on the road reliably for me. His comment to me that it hasn't needed a smog check because it has been in storage for 3 years doesn't make me any more comfortable either, but the engine pics show that it wasn't neglected completely by a previous owner so maybe maintenance was taken care of before the storage started. If anyone has looked at the car and decided they didn't want it can they fill me in on details please. If not I will let this one slide on by for sure. The auction number is 133698671462 in case the link doesn't work.

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I agree.  A big question, "Is the vehicle titled in your name?"  If he has an open title, meaning a previous owner signed the title and the car has not been reregistered in a while, that could be a huge problem when you go to register it in your state.  For example, in New York, you need specific documentation from the owner (name on the title) to you, which is not possible if the title is open.  You might want to check with your local Dept of Motor Vehicles to make sure.


The car looks nice, and may or may not be ok, but the paperwork could be an issue.



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Sacramento won't meet the criteria, my electric Nissan Leaf has a range of 60 miles with the a/c or heater running so 30 to see a car and 30 back is my limit.

David in Riverside, CA
The right TC can park in my driveway again. White, black, or red with ginger and a V6 within 30 miles of me.


 I am also a cheapskate when setting a value on a TC since most need a lot of little costly repairs for things their owners have gotten used to and now overlook.

This white one was relisted twice on ebay and the last time down to 3500 starting bid, got the starting bid (from someone else) and sold with no other bids. I probably would have gone up to 4000 if the seller had just answered my questions instead of answering me with an Attitude Grande and no information.

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