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Need guidance if this is doable

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This is  a Baker that I got from my dad who got it from his dad and the last known date that it was out of the garage was 1967.  I believe a lot of parts are missing and I really don't have the expertise for this style of car.  But I would hate it to go to waste.  Here are some pics, let me know where to start, what to do, is this a feasible project, etc.  Any help is greatly appreciated.





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Beautiful car.  Looks pretty solid and complete to me.  I am in the final stage of restoring my ‘first’ electric, and have found it much simpler than a gasoline restoration.  It takes some study to understand it, but definitely doable.        While your local mechanic wouldn’t touch it, some restoration shops take on electrics ( e.g. Restorer32 on this forum). There are some very knowledgeable electric owners/enthusiasts around the country who might give you some advice.  I would take look at it myself, if in my region.  Where are you located?


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You have a worthy project there. I would clean up the exterior & interior but I would not do much to "restore" it. These days, people have a lot of respect for the kind of original patina your car appears to have. The first thing I would do is find an owners manual with wiring diagrams. A reprint would be fine. Ebay might be a good source or the AACA library. You may even find diagrams with on line searching.


There are obviously some wiring & electrical issues and maybe some missing parts. I don't have any hands on experience with this era of electric cars but I make my living in electronics and I have fooled with a vintage golf cart and have a couple 1970's GE Electrac Lawn tractors.  Similar technology.  


If I remember correct, Your Baker should have eight - 6 volt batteries in series (or individual cells) for a total of 48 volts. Looks like there are about eight or more voltage step resistors.  I don't think the resisters & relay board are in the proper location. That trunk area is where the batteries go. Someone has done some rewiring with about #8 or #6 ga. wire and it should probably be heavier 0 or 00 battery cable gauge. Looks like some burnt wiring as a result of using too small gauge. So someone may have had it running at one time until the wires or relays burned up. I also think there are some relays missing and some relays appear to be replaced with modern Ford/general purpose type starter relays which are only good for momentary starts. The coil windings may burn up if they are engaged for more than a few minutes at a time. Do you have the original parts for the car? Those old originals are repairable/rebuild able.  I see correct original electrical parts for Bakers floating around and at major swap meets like Hershey. There are good modern replacement relays available if you want to go that route.  These early electrics are really simple and straight forward for someone with good basic electrical experience if you can provide proper diagrams. 

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I have a 1911 Baker Model O Light Truck chassis ( Model No.  0E 11285  Lot No. 138  Load 2000 ) that I saved from the scrap yard FOR SALE  It would not be complex or require a large amount of parts to restore. It would be ambitious for sure and very satisfying. Since so many trucks were and are today built for a specified use it could be fitted with a simple wood flat bed and phone booth style cab of wood or metal. A restorer could purchase a motor and all electrical components for it and hide or disguise them. It's all available. Modern electric trucks are on the near horizon. Be the first in your neighborhood to own one. I have restored the 6th Milburn built and oldest known survivor. Truck is located in central Iowa. Thanks for consideration. PM me.   John

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Thanks guys, I will start cleaning it up.  All the parts that you saw are not installed, they were just put into that area to ease in shipment.  I live in Colorado.  I saw the restoration project online from NY, obviously Leno's car and a couple of others.  In all honesty if I could just get it going I would go that route.  Even if it meant using old golf cart parts.  I don't even know if the motor turns at all.  I guess I'll just start to clean it up then.  I'll also look into Hershey, I am assuming PA right?


Thanks again!


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