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Combined Phillips/slotted head screws - another bad idea!

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Does anyone know what these are called? I've been using them for years to attach wood to structural steel.


These would real good for attaching a new oak floor in a vintage truck. Or a trailer.


Hint: The answer has it's 'ups and downs'


Stainless Steel Elevator Bolts (All Sizes & Qty's) 18-8 / 304 Grade | eBay



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3 hours ago, mike6024 said:

All I had to do was ask Google: elevator bolts

Well, there's evidence of skullduggery, so you don't win the big screen TV.


I needed some of these years ago and couldn't figure out the name to order any nor could I find a pic without the name, finally I called the elderly lady at the local fastener place and she knew what they were. Unusual fastener.


They are great for attaching wood to metal, just cut a shallow pocket with a forstener bit and the use the dimple made by the pilot to sock a quarter inch bit through. Strong and flush.



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ReStore is the name around here. I too found tools and hardware at one. And Cuttler Hammer 90 amp breakers at another, at a VERY good price.

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On 3/23/2021 at 1:16 PM, Frank DuVal said:

And, GM trucks from the 60s, Clutch Head!!!!!! Or inside Powerglides also.


Someone did!😆

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