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Great weather for a convertible!


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12 hours ago, erichill said:

Beautiful car. Makes me miss my '60 Caddy though it was nowhere near the beauty of yours.  Is that a stock color?

 Not a stock color as far as I know. The data plate says that it was champaign(?). It was painted red by a previous owner. To me there is nothing like a red Cadillac convertible. I drive it often.

We do also have a '60, Carrara green and white leather buckets. I like the 1959, brash and bold. The 1960 is cool and serene like Grace Kelly. The car was made for a GM Executive and the color was in the advertising for Cadillac in 1960. Can't prove that ours is the same in the pictures, but looks the same.

I love Cadillacs!







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And in case you hit something, it is not where you are, its somewhere over in the next county (particularly since I had the brakes on a 61 'vert fade out completely before finishing one stop from 70).

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On 3/23/2021 at 8:27 AM, CatBird said:



I appreciate your green 1960 Cadillac, too.

So many convertibles are red or white, or

sometimes black, that it's good to see something

different.  When Cadillac offered at least 20

paint colors, and even custom colors on special

order, wouldn't it be great to order a paint

that was tasteful but only yours?

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