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Being generous. I would say it is neither 100% original or 100% restored. My numerical assesment would be more like a 50/50 car. It looks to have suffered the same fate as my 1925 with an incorrect done poorly fitted top. They may have had new bows made that are all the same width. (They are to be narrower at the windshileld and widest at the reamost bow) and incorrectly placed. Notice how far the top projects beyond the body at the rear. It should be a verticle orientation. On the earlier cars like yours the bows were usually the same width.


DSCF6128.thumb.JPG.5295d71c07acb6d90b5f9b6986088c67.JPG  DSCF6129.thumb.JPG.13545cbe675cf2639ab24a90a0c60678.JPG

 Better fitted top on this 1924-35 example at the 2017 BCA nationals. It was a lovely little car. (Note that the 1924-35 was originally all BLACK with gold striping and with a black top.) This example has the correct oval Johnston rear window. Incorrect on my 1925-25 but that is what mine came with.

I took interior photos of the top on this car to help me with re-doing my cars top. I just can't locate tham at this moment.

 My car when I bought it in 2011.

1229899634_1925BUICKREARSEATANDROOF.jpg.aa40a473dd5fb4c99a52f191f3253c1c.jpg   1982183305_1925BUICKRIGHTREAR.jpg.ee1e002b98d8d80edf0817e4c7cc42ce.jpg

 Mine also has an older cut down top. It is still about 3" higher at the rear than it should be.


 Here is the correct form that a 1925-25 top should be compared to now. Thanks for all your hard work Hugh!


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I know the engine number doesn't match the VIN.


1. "Museum quality" means impeccably restored.

2. "All original" means unrestored.


I love that the pinstripes on the spokes are original. Paint that lasted 100 years was the norm in those days. Especially on wheel spokes.

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The ones on the wheels I got from Oregon were still there.... Under 2 other coats of paint...


Faint evidence of the original Gold striping on the feloe and spoke spears.



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