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Belgium ? Brass Radiator Watermarks Circa 1904 - Anyone Know The Manufacturer ?

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American Brand Car.


Unknown if design  - parts - assembly

was in America or abroad.


Trying to find the radiator manufacturer which appears to be 

from Belgium.


Anyone seen these watermarks / tags on a brass radiator before ?


Thanks !











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  • Trulyvintage changed the title to Belgium ? Brass Radiator Watermarks Circa 1904 - Anyone Know The Manufacturer ?

Thanjs. Now I have to ask, what makes you think it was made in Belgium. I think it was probably made in America, based on the "Trade Mark" info. I see your ? is also posted on the MTFCA forum as well and there you indicate the radiator is on a Ford Model B. 


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I have been told the watermark

is an obscure Belgium manufacturer 

mark - but that is not supported.


I am trying to get independent documentation of who manufactured

the radiator.


You asked for an image of the

radiator & I posted one.




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I think a tag that says" Patented in England , France and Belgium " in no way implies that the radiator was" made in Belgium".  Just that there is a reasonable chance the article might be for sale on the Belgium market and the design needs to be protected by patent in that market.

 The radiator is made by one of the radiator companies that have the initials of some arrangement of the initials C,W,P.

 A look through the trade journals circa 1904 will probably give a good idea of what radiator companies were active in the auto industry at about this time.  A little detective work will probably discover what company uses those 3 initials. You may even see an advertisement where the trademark itself is used as part of the copy.



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That is the stamping for the Whitlock Coil Pipe Co. of Hartford, Ct. They made radiators for several car companies and hood fronts for air cooled Knox automobiles.

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I have about 20 of these reproduced  "manufactured by" patent plates for "WHITLOCK COIL PIPE CO."  Patent dates are Jan 10, 1905 and March 21, 1905.  They are 7/8 inch X 2-1/2 inch. Brass. These were attached to early brass radiators in the 1905 to 1910 era manufactured for Cadillac, Buick and similar makes of cars that used Whitlock's tube & fin radiators and early conventional style  such as the radiator in OP.

These are for sale at $27.oo each including postage to US and Canada.  I will mail outside US for additional $4.oo postage.  Will accept PayPal or check (with time to clear).  send  PM for more info

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