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Love these old model kits. I have 5-6 stashed in the closet waiting to be built.


Went to a hobby store a few weeks ago to look around. Not a lot of car models available and the prices were very high. I could never have afforded those prices when I was a kid.


Let us see a pic when you're done. And make it a convertible - it will be worth more when you sell it.

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That is a very nice kit  by Monogram . The Monogram Company made some very nice models during the 1960's. It doesn't matter if you build a roadster or coupe.The kit is actually worth more if you keep it unbuilt in the box, but as a true modeler, you have to build it! It is a nice find. John

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I of my favorite kits along with their '36 Ford kit. Very nice detail and the '36 kit was the only one at the time with the correct wheel detail!


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