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Maple Grove Spring Swap Meet- April 3

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Fabled NHRA track, about 45 minutes north of Lancaster, PA. Traditional one day swap meet. No pre-paid spaces. Vendors set up at 6am, customers allowed in at 8 am- it’s pretty much over at 2pm. 
Tends to be 1/2 race car and 1/2 vintage and antique car parts. Nice way to spend 2-3 hours. Weather can be nice, or a bit chilly. Check it out if you’re close. It’s all outside. Don’t go for the gourmet food. 

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Also, keep an eye out for wildlife in this rural area. A few deer look before crossing the road but most do not. 😁

If they are doing a test and tune that day also keep an eye on the racing trailers on the back roads.

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