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On 3/20/2021 at 11:32 AM, keiser31 said:

Looks to be about a 1926-27 mixture Chevrolet with a different radiator and shell and a 1927 or 1928 Chevrolet engine. Here is a 1928 Chevrolet engine....

1928 chevrolet-171-cubic-inch-4-cylinder-engine--1928cheveng9270-frank-j-benz.jpg


Generally called the 1928 Chevrolet engine, it is the cylinder head with dual, rather than single exhaust ports, which is the defining difference. Late 1927 Chevrolets, like the one I toured extensively, were also delivered with this head and dual ports. Mine also had the accessory heater which consisted of a "Fluted" exhaust manifold, as well as a two-piece sheet metal box running the length of the manifold. the front end allowed air to enter and to be heated by the exhaust manifold. A flex tube brought the heated air to a grate in the floor on the passenger side.

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I'm going to expound on this a little more. It's kind of rare to see a front bumper on one of these old Chevy trucks and also a front splash apron. Old farmers just didn't spend money on these dress-up items that weren't needed. The apron looks good from what I can see,the bumper looks like it might have a tweak but unless it's a real cobble job on mounting,both of these items have value these days. The head on the engine can be put on a Model T Ford engine with an adapter plate and make it an overhead valve job for a little more boost. If it isn't cracked or have excessive pitting inside somewhere where it collected moisture,it could be worth a couple hundred on up. 

  Also all that grass hay going to waste. It looks like a lightening strike away from a big range fire as far as the eye can see. I don't even see any thistles in it anywhere. People will pay extra for weedfree grass hay for their horses. Somebody needs to hay this when it's green or turn cattle into it. I guess there hasn't been a fire there yet because the spokes are still in the wheels and the tires are still on the tractor and that radiator hasn't melted yet. I'm putting in my two cents 'cause that's probably all it's worth.


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