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Large Unknown in New Hampshire

Ray Garcia

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Not sure how I got this image, but its a large RHD car with 1913 New Hampshire plates. I had it ID'd as an 07 Locomobile, but the more I look at that hood and compare it to images of existing cars, I think its not. The hood and cowl seem all wrong amongst other things. Any and all help appreciated! Have a great weekend!


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Answer to an earlier post. Thanks Eric.

Subject: RE: 1913 NH plate


Hello Jim.  So I reached out to a friend of mine who is a car genius, and here is his response.  Hope it helps!  -Eric


Amazing photo! The car is a Welch. Very high-end car built in limited quantities in Pontiac, Michigan from 1904-1911. They used a large overhead cam 4-cylinder hemi - very advanced for the time. Only 3 survivors that I know of.”


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Posted (edited)

Welch Auto Confirmation of OP photo, from research on New Hampshire License Plate.

Thanks to Eric Taylor & Alan Young


"Here’s your info for both 1913 NH registration numbers - seems obvious that it is indeed no. 6187!


1913 NH no. 6137 was registered to William G. Colburn, Manchester, automobile was a 22.5 horsepower Metz.


1913 NH no. 6187 was registered to Oscar A. Cameron, Campton, automobile was a 38 horsepower Welch.


Hope this adds another level of enjoyment for the owner of the photograph. "


NH plate (2).jpg

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