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Is everyone too busy?

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Its been a month since my last post and there doesn't seem to be much action going on in this forum. 


Hopefully that means everyone is staying busy in their daily lives or too busy working on and driving their Lincolns.


Let's see if we can get any participation here....what are you doing with your Lincoln? Driving? Working on it? Staring at it in the garage?


As for me, I'm restoring a 33KA and expected to complete it this year.

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Hoping to get my 1937 Lincoln K Judkins two window berline back on the road within the next month or two.   New Ernie Foster heads installed, new muffler arrived and ready to install, engine is running with a few sticky valves.  Sourced a very rare original 1937 Lincoln radio, radio head for the dash and original speaker in excellent condition which I hope to have tested and installed soon.  Trying to decide on new tires - will probably go with Firestones, but considering ditching the wide whites and going with blackwalls.  The current Denmans are probably fifty years old and are starting to look it.  Need to rebuild the carburetor too at some point.  I'm more than ready to get back into the old car hobby this summer.  I want to see more of this view going down the road.  


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13 hours ago, John_Mc said:

My belief is that these forums are so fragmented that it isolates them and does a disservice.  Is it really necessary to separate Zephyrs from Model K’s?  How many people in the whole world are we talking about?


Well I thought it was necessary.  When you are looking for a V-12 "K" part it's much easier to not have to sift though a lot of Zephyr and Continental parts.  There are completely different. 


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I have a 1934 Lincoln Two Window Town Sedan in my shop, it was missing a lot of pieces but I have fond everything I need, I think.  I had a lot of stuff chromed and nickle plated last year when the plate shop was slow.  Hoping to restore it but I may sell it?  We will see.




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