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2021 Chickasha Swap Meet Live Video Coverage Now

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Live video coverage of 

The 2021 Chickasha Swap Meet 

begins now with real time

uploads to The Interweb




Social Media Links

YouTube @ https://youtube.com/channel/UCok7ZpPwaVkpdgvkfXKecUQ


Instagram @ http://instagram.com/directenclosedautohauler/#


Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005456325407











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Thanks for posting, a bit far for me to travel to.  Its been WAY too long since I have seen a swap meet. Looking forward to hitting a couple this year. Second video made me hungry, time to make some breakfast.

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Come to the Ag Center in Westminster on March 26-27 for the Sugarloaf Mountain Region Parts Meet; and then Spring Carlisle two weeks after that. And try to forget 2020.

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I attended the Chickasha meet and was glad I did. I needed to attend a good prewar meet and this certainly was. I haven't been to a car event since Hershey, Oct 2019. I was getting the DT's from withdrawal. Only about half the spaces were full with perhaps about half attendees so there were some social distancing by default. Half the venders were in 2 large buildings and half outdoors. About half the people wore masks and half did not. That is fine and the way it should be. Most of the people I talked to without masks had their shots  &/or recovered from Covid like myself. No one was hassled for their decision.  I am hoping that this will be the model for Hershey this year. My GPS mapping indicated about 17 hrs, 10 minutes of driving time but I think I beat that mark, I didn't time myself. Traffic was relatively light. 


The swap meet was mostly Ford model T & A but there were other brass era parts there. I was looking for 1903 -41 Cadillac parts and found some parts for my 03 & 41 and some teens as well.  There were other early parts of various makes including an interesting 3-cylinder, air cooled Chase truck project that I think I once owned for about 2 days. I won it off ebay and had second thoughts about traveling cross country to pick up buckets & boxes of parts so I contacted the seller & second highest bidder and let him buy it instead.  That was about 17 years ago when ebay allowed communication between bidders. 


I hope next year it will be full of venders and better attended. I plan to go next year. These pre war and brass events need to be supported.



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