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1908 Buick - wheel rim

Paul White

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Early tires were made from natural latex rubber ( think of latex rubber gloves), it is very soft and thus on hard cornering or under-inflation the tire could roll off the rim. To prevent this, tire locks were installed. A real difficult and time consuming process. Hard enough to deal with the valve stem but 4 or more locks! Higher air pressure and stiffer tires made them unnecessary. Putting the nuts on false studs into the wooden felloe is an interesting touch and probably what is going on with the Cadillac. The holes thru the rim are not round to keep the lock oriented to the rim ( the lock stem has flats on 2 sides). Second illustration shows a typical wire wheel installation. Similar thing was done on singletube tires. Illustrations from Dykes Encyclopedia 1911 first edition. Locks were obsolete by then.                                               20210320_094853.thumb.jpg.d7065b249807e63bb4001e88d1040801.jpg20210320_094841.thumb.jpg.7b8630a776aca44ac84de4051b0aeb5d.jpg

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