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Rolls Royce Woody 1928 20hp


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Dale, I'm sure someone will back me up on this, or correct me, a "Brake" was a body style used on horsedrawn vehicles. The "Shooting Brake" was designed to carry a party of hunters out into the fields for bird hunting. All estate cars with wood bodies were called "Shooting Brakes" in the UK. Doubt that many sported surf boards or played Beach Boys tunes. Type in Shooting Brake in your computer Search and some nice cars will turn up.

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You are of course correct with the 'shooting brake' comments but here in the UK it has fallen out of use and been replaced with 'estate car' and even sometimes 'station wagon'. My description of 'woody' is as a result of trying to find if this car has survived. I have been in San Francisco for short stays three times in recent years and asked at a good many places including the motor museums and the RRCC. When shown a photo of it you Americans always say "Wow a Rolls Royce Woody I've never seen one of those before" Best wishes, Eric.

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