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List of Car Museums on nytimes.com - paywall


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17 minutes ago, George Cole said:

The Forum should start a 'Museums' section. Those who are associated with museums could post threads about them so people travelling will know where they are and what's there. 

New York Times has a list of automotive museums.  I've always consulted it before going away on a trip somewhere;














A little older list, but it still works.



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1 hour ago, 8E45E said:

Well that's great if I want to pay for a subscription to the NY Times...which I don't.  So I stand by my suggestion for a Museums section in the AACA Forum.

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Posted (edited)

That's not a list, it's a selection.

I haven't looked at the AACA list recently, it is difficult to keep up with which ones are still open.

There are nearly 300 car museums in the US, from the AACA Museum in Hershey to Zunker's in Manitowoc, MN. If you like antique automobiles you should visit one every time you can. If you value antique automobiles, take a friend with you. 

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You will also find a few more car museums in Canada.


Unfortunately, some of the BEST museums in the US have closed and sold off their collection, including the Hostetler H-E-T Museum in Shipshewana, The S. Ray Miller Museum in Elkhart, Brooks Stevens Museum in Mequon, and the Imperial Palace Museum in Las Vegas. 


Another one worthy of note was one started by the Mitchell family who started collecting examples of station wagons which were contracted to Mitchell-Bentley and Ionia Body by GM, Ford and Chrysler in the 1950's and '60's.  Unfortunately, I don't think it ever really got off the ground before the collection was liquidated.



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