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As I am doing my rear brakes I noticed the parts book indicates a gasket #1183 is to be installed. The gasket is a ".062 I.D -98 O.D ... 12" thick.


I looked into Boos Herrel Catalog and is calls for a Fiber Washer/Gasket .Does it have to be made of Fiber.?



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That is a seal for the wheel bearing grease. It should be made of fiber. The part is the same for all 32-48 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury.


I did not see the seal in their online catalog, but this outfit is in Canada and may have them.

Blue Oval Classics
825 Tecumseh Rd. W.,
Windsor, ON N8X 1H4
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Gerry, since they are compressible, they are not really re-usable, so you may want to pick up a couple extra ones in case a drum has to come off again. They start off 1/8" thick, but after torqued & compressed they almost look like a metal washer; your old one may still be in your hub that will need to be cleaned out. Cheers to you, making a lot of good progress on many items! Paul


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No such luck.




I phoned  Boos Herrel and ordered 6 pieces. Well I had Chris on the phone I asked him what was the purpose of these Gaskets. His answer was he didn't really know 

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They are to seal the wheel bearing grease. The grease that they used back in the day, became runny when you drove in traffic and would seep out of the key way.

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