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1956 caddy 4 door hardtop in CT on facebook for $5,000

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1956 Caddy 4 door hardtop, Needs some work but actually looks pretty darn good if you look at the nooks and crannies for 5 grand. 




1956 Cadillac coup
Great shape. Runs and drives and brakes work. Fixed gas tank. Needs some love.





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I excuse the errors when the price looks as good as this.  That's where the flipper makes their money.  Buy something like this,  get it up on good rubber clean the chrome up as best as you can,  the front bumpers looks really good as the the rear bumper ends.  Maybe even invest in a new set of wide whitewalls and a set of caps really aren't that expensive and I'll bet you could hang 10 on it, even if it still needed other work as long as the interior wasn't completely ragged out.  If it was closer I would go look at it. Think of the other 3500-5000 heaps we see on here and we aren't talking Caddy 4 door hardtops in the 50's. 

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There must be a reason why the asking price of this one is only 5K, I'm thinking some major flaws were omitted from the description. Why is the top rear window trim loose, it requires a wiper blade and also the internal parts for the rear bumper ends are missing. I'm mentioning relatively minor items but here's no such thing as a free lunch.........

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