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How about a 1928 White "Speedster" this one is for sale in Canada

Ed Luddy

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I think it's just a 1928 White 1 ton truck with all the body stripped off and the engine . rad etc set back. Interesting but I can't see $15,000.00.

I have seen complete White trucks of this size and vintage at swap meets over the years for about 1/2 that sort of money, or even less.

Sort of neat looking , but looks like lots of rough edges. Not a lot of money perhaps, but enough for a brand new econobox to put it in context.


I like White trucks , preferably stock. And I also like speedsters, but that's about double of what I might pay even on a good day.



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7 minutes ago, paulrhd29nz said:

If you watch the video , turn the sound off. I know it’s St. Paddies day and all, but horrible music. 


And I only watched it to hear the White engine. No such luck! Just someones favourite music track.

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