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1933 plymouth pd, pdx

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I searched my serial number on ply33's site and noticed something i didn't catch before. When i bought the car i checked the serial number to see if it was a pc or pd. It fell in the range of a pd. Now i checked and noticed the range it fell in is noted as a pdx which was built in Los Angeles. Looks like around 5000 pdx's were built that year. 


Where could this have been shipped?  This week i sent the build record form to fiat historical but not sure if that will tell me where it was originally sold.  Are there any variations that i should look for on the car that signifies it's a pdx other than the serial number?

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Thanks Reg, I did as this is the same site I used to look up the serial number.  Ply33 has some info about exports but mainly on the pcxx models. 


I was surprised that it might be an export and curious to know how it ended up back in the states.  That may not ever be known though.  

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