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help to identify radiator mascot

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Can someone help me to identify this radiator mascot? The Boyce Motor Meter is in excellent shape. The dog handles are made of pot metal. What car manufacturer takes the "M"? Thanks 




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This in my opinion is an aftermarket accessory designed for many different makes. The shield was offered in every letter of the alphabet as well as emblems of various fraternal organizations and shields depicting emblems of multiple occupations.


Howard Dennis

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Those were made specifically to be an owner's initial. Years ago, there was a fellow in the San Francisco bay area that went to a lot of swap meets with an original after-market store display with a bunch of the various initials. Such caps and shields were offered by several companies, and in a few shapes and sizes. 

I have seen several cars in recent years where hobbyists did use the car's initial on the cap. But that was not the original intention.

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