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1929 Chrysler 75 Roadster help

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It’s probably a silly idea but that’s nothing new for me. I’m about to start building my Chrysler 75 roadster but a few measurements would definitely help. My car has had the ute treatment at some point but now I have found some rear quarter panels I think I can graft into what’s on the car and make them work. If someone is able to help me out with the dimensions of the two dickey seat lids and the beaver panel that would help greatly. Thanks for any assistance in advance 

cheers Ben


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Hi Ben, good to see you are getting on with your 75. There is an old guy in the Queensland Vintage Vehicle Association that has restored a 75 roadster. I am away at the moment but I will find his details for you when I get back home. Cheers Bill (Chrysler 66 chassis)

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I'm home again. The guy I was talking about sold the car some time ago. I do have another lead to chase up that my know where it went but he is away at the moment also. 

My Chrysler has not progressed but I hope to start on it in a couple of months,

Is your club having their 60th anniversary rally this year?



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Thanks for that Bill and yeah at this stage our club is planing their 60th Anniversary Rally in August. Hopefully everything holds together and we can run it although it will be a slightly different format as to what we were planning last year. 
Cheers Ben

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