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How not to use a Jack Stands

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I ran across this picture and my first reaction was “This can’t be real.”   My second thought was it could be, and if it is, the culprit behind this brilliant use of jack stands better have up-to-date life insurance.    


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As we all know there are plenty of examples of candidates for the Darwin Award every day, but I believe this picture was staged for shock value! Look closely & you will see the truck is sitting on its tire on the other side, is level & is probably also sitting on its wheel on this side as well!


God Bless





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 This reminds me of the time that I had to put a very large load packer garbage truck up very high on jack stands in order to remove a part from the Allison transition from the bottom.

 It's scary to see such a large truck with the wheels almost two feet above the ground.

 I did have 20 ton stands under it though.  


Ps,  after putting a car up on jack stands, the first thing I try to do is knock it off of the stands. If I am able to do this, the car was not safe enough to get under it!

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Never underestimate the human capacity for stupidity. The Darwin Awards, and TruTV's Top Funniest and World's Dumbest are proof.


Sure, you can stage a picture, but the fact that someone even had the idea to stage it proves stupidity is rampant among us! Hold my beer and watch this...🤡

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