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Need recommendation for transport company


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I am looking for recommendations for a reliable, reasonably priced transport company. Hope to ship a running parts car from North Carolina to Iowa. Probably open trailer since this is not a show car. Does anyone have experience or recommendation based on their own experience?



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Most haulers don’t want to deal with a parts car.


They want to drive vehicles on & off a trailer - they don’t want a vehicle that might stall or not start - they usually don’t have a winch.


Most haulers carry more than one vehicle on or in their trailer.


The odds of a hauler dropping off a vehicle anywhere near your vehicle pick up in North Carolina - then going anywhere near your drop off in Iowa 

and having a pick up near where your drop off is - are slim at best.


If someone is in North Carolina - they are hauling from the East Coast to the

West Coast along the I-40 or I-10



Or they are headed north/south along 

the I-81 corridor.


I am picking up this 1969 Charger

in Mooresville, North Carolina in 

a couple weeks after I attend

The 2021 Chickasha Swap Meet.


It is going to Northern California.


You should be prepared to go after

your vehicle yourself with a trailer.









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As always thank you gentlemen for the support, it means a lot!


  There are literally thousands of running parts cars transported every day, that is a very common route & you will have NO problem finding a transporter to do this. I personally cannot help you anytime soon. Except for one from Northern Cal. to Southern Cal late next week, I am booked until late April. 


  You may try David Phelps (724)815-6266  He is one of the small handful of Quality guys that I send my overflow to as they must have a reputation at least close to mine. He has single car enclosed only, but still may be able to help you as I set him up with one to South Carolina in the near future. A call never hurts!


God Bless

Bill Squires(owner)

Bill's Auto Works



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I shipped a non-running parts car that didn’t even roll from California to Kentucky. They drug it with the winch and come along onto the trailer.  When it got to my place, we used a flat bed and winch and pulled it right onto the flatbed from the carrier trailer.  The flat bed then put it right where we wanted it.  It can be done and has been done.  That was about 8 years ago and cost me $1450.  It took about a month from the time I made my first call.  I can’t recall who did it.  It was a company that normally hauls pop up camper trailers from Louisville to California.  They had a spot for it and did the job.  The broker service I called found them.

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1 hour ago, victorialynn2 said:

...ask you to refrain from spreading non truths and discouraging people from pursuing help for their transportation needs. If I’d have read that when I was dealing with my dad’s estate, it would have been very upsetting and perhaps very costly, as I may have thought I had no choice but to have a fire sale.


Well said, Victoria Lynn, and it needed to be said.

People need a realistic view of the hobby, but

someone needing information doesn't need 

discouragement that would take away all hope.


"Want an old car?  They're unaffordable."

"Want transportation?  No one does that."

"Don't bother spending money on restoration.  

     You won't get it back when you sell it."

There is always room for realistic optimism.

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Reasonable and reliable......usually two mutually exclusive items when it comes to hauling. In today’s current market, with depressed prices in many areas of the hobby, hauling a parts car usually costs more money than the vehicle. Add in pandemic, cost of equipment, higher fuel by 50 percent in the last three months.........not much reasonable about shipping costs anymore. Mail a package..........it’s expensive and not very reliable the last twelve months. I costs the same to ship a Duesenberg or a Ford cross country. Plain fact is there are fewer haulers every year. The “big” guys are mostly unreliable, as to date and time.......unless your a big dollar customer. I usually haul everything if it’s east of the Mississippi. Figure 3 grand east to west coast as a starting point. Going to and from an obscure area.........it’s another thirty percent. There is no free lunch when it comes to transport of a car.......and you get what you pay for.

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A Real Life Perspective 👍


I didn’t even touch on the recent ncreased #2 diesel prices ....


Or the restrictions imposed by

the response to COVID-19 ....


Thanks for posting  👋




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Ever notice today everything is easy, and there are ten thousand experts on any subject you can come up with? It’s amazing what the internet has done. People google a subject and are instantly an expert....... I ship lots of cars, everywhere. From 100 miles to placing them on aircraft to different continents, and getting them through customs. One of the most difficult and challenging things I do every day is get cars moved. Recently a national carrier came to pick up a MAJOR big boy toy we sold. The two drivers didn’t speak English enough to order at MacDonalds. They were going to load a 6000 pound car on the top rack, and load and unload it several times before it got 1500 miles down the road. And one small detail......they couldn’t drive a stick! But it was just a multi million dollar car that was 85 years old. Obviously, I was not the one who arranged shipping. Remember, this is a NATIONAL carrier you see at every event and auction. They weren’t even capable of strapping the car down correctly.......... what I went through with that car was asinine. I called the owner and the shipper of the car......both had no clue. I washed my hands of it. It’s an insane world today........and if your car is important to you, you need a good relationship with a hauler........or you will be miserable. The guys I work with are professionals........ and plain and simple, they are expensive. You get what you pay for. There is a reason MacDonalds is 1.15 for a burger, and a gourmet restaurant is 18 bucks for a burger. And no one complains about the differential in price.......ship a car........and they will cut you off for twenty bucks. But they all want it yesterday, for free. I see it every day.

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I am Unique in my profession.


I Transport To Travel.


I Travel To Tell Stories From The Road.


I break even at the end of the year if

I am lucky & don’t have a major mechanical breakdown .... 🙄


I Give Back To The Hobby.


I Turn The Wheel So We All Benefit.


Corny Perhaps - But True.


On Sunday I picked up the 1912 

Model T Touring pictured above in 

Bakersfield, California from 

Mr. Wayne Rich ... 😉




I had talked with him on the phone for

about an hour - in the course of our

conversation I learned of his childhood 

in Arkansas post depression & the

family move from Arkansas to
The Promised Land Of California 

in 1942 when he was eleven years old.


Folks can watch the interview here:





I enjoy each & every day because it

offers another opportunity to travel

and tell stories from the road.


If all I did was haul cars - I would hate

getting up in the morning .... 🙄




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