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ST400 Speedometer Driven Gear for 1st Gen.

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Looking for expertise on what Speedo gear is used on our Rivieras with the 3.23 final drive. Typically for the BR and BT Transmissions.

I have 225-70R-15s spec'ing at 27.4" diameter which would make it in-between the 42 tooth green and 43T purple driven gear.

I believe I have the blue drive gear in my 1965 BJ transmission.



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No expertise here. The 40-67 Buick Parts book will you what transmission gear tooth you need by you rear end ratio. I have the parts book if you don’t. “‘Best Offer Counts” had my 19 tooth gear for $100.00 plus shipping.


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Do what the Turbinator used per my recommendation. And now his speedo & his GPS match perfecrtly. An adapter to make the speedo work correctly when you don't have the proper tooth gear & driving yourself crazy trying to figure it out.


Tom T.

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