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1984 wagon vacuum lines


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I have a 1984 Buick Electra Estate Wagon with an Olds 307 and a Rochester 4bbl Qjet carb. The vacuum lines on this car were rerouted prior to my ownership and I need to make sure they are hooked up correctly. Can anyone direct me to an on-line vacuum diagram/schematic for this vehicle?

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By that point in time, the correct vacuum line routing for that particular vehicle was on the emissions label under the hood. GM stopped putting them in the service manuals in the late 70s so they could make changes easier if they needed to.<P>Unfortunately, those motors have a massive amount of vacuum lines on them. <P>The only place those original diagrams might still exist is in the GM archives at GM Service Parts Operations (SPO). In the past, I've been able to get the rep to "pull the print" of the label and fax it to us (at the dealership). Unfortunately, the resolution and detail on the faxes is not too good nor will it be in color as was the original decal. Therefore it is somewhat hard to see where things go or need to go.<P>At this point in time, I somewhat doubt GMSPO could find what you need. First it would take a valid (at time of production) part number from a paper parts book printed back when the car was new. Those part numbers were deleted from the current listings long ago. With that original part number, the dealer could call SPAC and request the rep to see if the print was still available so they could fax it to the dealer. In any event, there are lots of "if" in that situation.<P>The other option would be to find a technician that understands how all of the various emission items are phased and which ones work from ported or manifold vacuum. Plus remembers the cars when they were new and knows what they're looking at.<P>Other option would be to see if you could find one in a salvage yard you could look at that might still have the decal reasonably intact. Typically, they were on the radiator support or on the air cleaner. It would be best to find one of the same year as you have.<P>The other option, depending on where you live, would be to "retune" the situation and hope it would still pass emissions.<P><BR>

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