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Trying to figure year and model

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I am in the process of picking up two cars. One we think is a 1926 Buick. I do not have an engine or chassis number yet. All I have is the pictures right now. The Buick is on the Buick forum if someone wants to identify it. We have a best guess that this may be a 28-29 Chevy but not sure of model or year. Can someone help us to identify this car?











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Oh how I wish some of these cars were in Australia I would pay $200 for that in a blink. But it’s not in Australia so I probably shouldn’t comment on values as I understand they are very different over there compared to here, you may be better to ask on The Veteran and Vintage Chevrolet club of America site. Best of luck

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Very few, if any parts a interchangeable. With  the wood body construction you could buy a restored one for less than it would cost to restore this Chevy. But if you want the experience it looks basically complete and would be a good candidate to start with.


I expect there would be far more than $200 worth of parts if you wanted to part it out. Heck, I'll bet the radiator shell alone would bring $200, and all the sheet metal looks straight and not rusted. Plus you wouldn't need a title.



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